Steps to Establishing Good Information Governance White Paper

Build your Information Governance program with this Osterman Research white paper.

Learn how to improve your IG strategy to meet your legal and regulatory obligations. 


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An effective eDiscovery process is dependent on good IG. Costs and risks increase when an organization does not have control of its data.

eDiscovery and Litigation Support

Regulatory Compliance

Regulations require that organizations retain, as well as delete, various types of records including sensitive data like PII, PHI, & PCI.

Storage Bloat

While storage itself is relatively inexpensive and its cost continues to fall, the implications of increased storage are not so inexpensive.

Growing Flood of Information

Only 4 in 10 of the bits currently retained by organizations actually has value to them, but many aren’t addressing the problem. 

Commonly Asked Questions Answered in this White Paper

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What is Information Governance?  

What are the consequences of poor information governance and how can it be improved? 

Who needs to be involved in the IG framework?  

Can a better IG program assist in meeting legal and regulatory compliances involving FINRA, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA and more?