10 Steps to GDPR Compliance

Raise awareness about GDPR at the office with our wall chart.

It is simple, colorful, and will help your compliance team illuminate this challenge. 

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How to Use this Wall Chart

Print it and display it to ensure that the steps your organization needs to take to comply with this privacy law stays top of mind at all levels of the business structure. Get the visibility you need outside your department, and the necessary buy-in for the development of a better GDPR action plan. 

We’ll even get it professionally printed for you and send it by mail in exchange for a 30-minute discussion about your challenges around GDPR compliance. No strings attached, no further engagement.  

Commonly Asked Questions Answered by the Wall Chart

What’s GDPR ?

How does this impact companies outside of the Union? 

Who needs to get involved?  

Automate GDPR Compliance

with PII Auto-Classification & Remediation 

How can I ensure that my organization meets GDPR's compliance requirements?