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Is eDiscovery a burden? Do you always need more space to store email? Are you failing to meet compliance requirements?

Archiving software could solve it all.

5 Problems Solved with Archiving Software 
[ + Deployment Checklist ]

They Trust NetGovern Archive to Preserve the Right Information 

Learn More About the Problems That Can Be Solved with the Right Archiving Software

Painful eDiscovery Process

Difficulty to Enforce Deletion Policies

& More

Failure to Comply with Regulations

The Benefits of Using NetGovern Archive to Enforce Your Retention Strategy

  • How to create my archiving policies?
  • What to consider when planning my architecture and storage requirements?
  • What should I prepare pre-deployment?
  • What should I communicate to affected users post-deployment?

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Use the Checklist for a Deployment that Meets All Your Requirements.

The Questions Answered In the Checklist Include:

Quickly find the right information with powerful eDiscovery capabilities

Ensure compliance with a real legal archive using WORM storage and maintaining an audit trail


Automate the lifecycle of various types of information with flexible policy-based archiving